Premium Rate Compliance.
All operators of premium services must adhere to a code of conduct.
Premium Rate Compliance is an industry must. We're here to help.
If your service charges end users, you must adhere to a strict code of practice.

Premium Rate Compliance - what you need to know.

PhonePayPlus Compliance.

All providers of premium rate services (any service that charges the end users for interaction) is regulated by a governing body called PhonePayPlus.org.uk

There are a number of things you should know before you begin with premium rate services.

  • Anyone who provides a premium rate service must abide by their code of practice.
  • If you manage your own service and have significant control over it you must register as a level 2 operator.
  • You will need a manned customer helpline number between 9am and 5pm and it must be a geographic number or free from mobiles.
  • If your annual income exceed £10000 per annum you will be required to also pay a yearly fee to PPP.
  • Communicloud will help you make sure any service you provide complies before you begin marketing it and "go live".
  • If your service is quite unique we will liaise with PPP on your behalf to ensure your service complies.

Red and yellow cards from O2.

In addition to the PPP requirements on compliance O2 (and other networks will follow shortly) have introduced fines for non compliance. O2's compliance requirements echo those of PPP, but may differ and you are committed to ensure your service complies with BOTH.

As this only affects O2 traffic at present, a complaint from an end user from O2 will be dealt with by O2 and dealt with according to the Yellow and Red card system. A breach of their code will result in an immediate fine and this may or may not be escalated to PPP as they see fit.

  • O2 can immediately fine you for failure to comply with their compliance advice.
  • O2 are operating this system ALONGSIDE PPP - not in replacement of.
  • O2 may see fit to raise a complaint with PPP in addition to their findings or fines.
  • Other networks are following suit very soon.
  • Communicloud will in all cases make sure whatever service your provide complies before you begin marketing it.
  • If your service is quite unique we will liaise with PPP on your behalf to ensure your service complies.

Further advice.

In all cases we do our best to ensure that you (the client) does everything possible to comply but we accept some clients change their terms and conditions, marketing materials and marketing medium from time to time. Changes you make can significantly change whether your service still complies. We recommend before making any live changes you liase with Communicloud or PPP immediately.

Another route for problems is Facebook and social networking sites. Many users of these sites echo information on how to participate with Premium Services but fail to include the required costs, helpline and other vital information that is required. We remind you that you are FULLY RESPONSIBLE for ensuring any information shared is given the same care and attention as your own services to ensure compliance exists.

We recommend you call us on 0 33 33 444 959 to discuss your requirements so we can give you the best solution for your needs.

To find out more, visit PhonePayPlus.org.uk for further reading and to register as an operator.

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